ChatGPT Plugin Developers — Authentication and Payments in 60 Seconds

2 min readSep 17, 2023


In the realm of ChatGPT plugins, ensuring the integrity and security of user requests is paramount. Whether you’re aiming to monitor user activity, set up tailored access rights, or establish a clear revenue stream, user authentication is the cornerstone.

Why does authentication matter?

  1. Understanding User Behavior: With authentication, you can keep tabs on user interactions and preferences, paving the way for data-driven improvements.
  2. Setting Limits and Permissions: Grant access, set boundaries, and protect your plugin from misuse.
  3. Monetizing with Precision: Implement tier-based usage or subscriptions effortlessly.

While OpenAI provides authentication solutions, the complexity of setting them up from scratch can be overwhelming. Enter Eartho, a game-changer in the ChatGPT plugin space.

Why Choose Eartho?

Quick and Effortless Setup: Eartho promises a smooth experience, enabling developers to introduce a full-fledged authentication mechanism without diving deep into code.

Versatility in Sign-Up Methods: Eartho offers a plethora of sign-in methods — be it traditional email-password combinations, passwordless entries, or even third-party sign-ins.

Zero Code, Maximum Output: With Eartho, developers can focus on what they do best, leaving the intricacies of authentication and user management to the platform.

Clear Pricing: Free Unlimited Users & 5% from payments

Setting Up Eartho Memberships: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Create an account with -> Eartho Creators
It’s 100% free, unlimited users free.

2. Make your very first entity by clicking on “Add Project” on the creators’ home screen. A project can be a website or app.

3. After creating the entity, you will see “Add Access” on the entity page. Begin by creating the access points you want us to manage; it can be “login” or “premium package” or anything that gives your users/clients access to resources.

4. Congratulations 🎉 You have created your very first “access”. Now you’re a member of Eartho’s creators community 😊 Head over to our Discord server and say hello.

Benefits with Eartho

User Dashboard: Track sign-ups, monitor active users, and gauge plugin engagement, all from a singular, intuitive dashboard.

Event Tracking: Get real-time insights into how users are interacting with your plugin.

Security First: Eartho’s robust security mechanisms ensure that your plugins remain impervious to threats.

Elevate User Experience: By understanding user patterns, make informed decisions to enhance and adapt your plugin to evolving needs.


In an ever-evolving tech landscape, Eartho emerges as a reliable ally for ChatGPT plugin developers, simplifying user authentication while maximizing output. With Eartho, you’re not just adopting an authentication system; you’re embracing a holistic approach to user management. Make the switch today, and witness the Eartho difference.

Engage with us! We value feedback and insights. Drop a comment below or reach out to our team. Let’s make the ChatGPT plugin space more secure, together!




Rapidly integrate authentication, user profiles, authorization, and integrated payments, all combined with one SDK and admin dashboard.