Decentralized Autonomous Access (DAA)

2 min readMar 13, 2022


As humans, we are constantly seeking as much access to resources as possible, We also make access trades for our needs regularly, it can be for information, food, rides, content, hotels, jobs, and so on. The trade could be as simple as me looking for access to food and the other side looking for access to money.
Looking at our economy as an access trade, it appears that we are trading an access on things with every action we take.
For example, when we buy a hamburger, actually we are purchasing the access to it created by the restaurant’s employees, who also trade in their resources and sell access to their time and energy to the owner of a restaurant, what called ‘job’.)

An access emerges from the abilities of actors to benefit from ‘things’. The actors are divided into two groups: those who create the access and make it possible for it to be exchanged, and those who use it for their own purposes and needs.

ownership is based on social consensus and relies on a third party to record and enforce it, it is nearly impossible to transition from the current economy to the web3 world, because that data cannot be shared and cannot be on-chain. By changing our mindset from myth of “ownership, control, assets” to “access”, We are able to eliminate several issues such as the need for trust on the old registrations and records of the institutions.

Trading access is a convenient and cost-effective way to use resources without the financial, emotional, oracle issues, or social burdens that come with ownership.

A decentralized autonomous access (DAA), is an access represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the actors and not influenced by a 3rd party entity, in other words, they are member-owned trade that do not have a centralized/controller middleman.A DAA’s financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain.DAA is automatically managed by pre-accepted agreements called trust models

While ERC-721(NFT) created for “NFTs represent ownership over digital or physical assets.”,ERC-DAA created for “DAAs represent an access over digital or physical things & resources, with the ability to connect with entities that seeking to use it”

The goal is to develop a single language and agreement to represent every action in the global economy through the concept of “access.”So called the “Access Economy””

Guy wakes up in the morning to go to work, he looks for an access to ride for work, and when he arrives at work, the doors open for him because he has access to the offices. He is compensated for sharing his access to his time and knowledge by receiving a salary. He was looking for an access to food around noon. After work, he goes to see a friend by an access to a scooter that he rents on the street by the hour. They watch content that they have access to at his friend’s house, and then they play a game with a new skin that they have access to for a year.”




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